​Hi friends! Welcome to EverWonder Museum’s first Science Monday! Today we’ll tackle the one thing that’s on everyone mind:


First – let’s take a look at our recreation of the viral video that highlights the importance of washing your hands with soap – now with more sparkles! 

Then, watch how far a sneeze will go when you don’t cover your mouth:

One way to remember to wash your hands properly is to sing a 20 second song. If you’re tired of singing Happy Birthday, here are some other songs to try:

  1.  The Alphabet Song, or Twinkle Twinkle twice
  2. This Little Light of Mine – first verse
  3. A Spoonful of Sugar from Mary Poppins – the chorus
  4. Frere Jacques
  5. If you’re Happy and You Know It (Wash Your Hands) twice
  6. We Will Rock You three times (change the lyrics to We Will Wash You!)

Or you can convert your favorite song into a hand-washing hit with Wash Your Lyrics! Type in the song and artist, and the website will give you a series of hand-washing steps with lyrics to go along with each step!

Looking for more resources? We love these Germ Counting Mats designed by Fun With Mama.

If you’re studying germs at home, post your activities to social media and tag EverWonder! Use the hashtag #EWSTEAM and you may get highlighted in a future post.

Do you have any topics in mind that you would like us to cover in the future? Send us a note at info@everwondermuseum.org. Thanks for reading, stay tuned for More STEAM Fun!