Hello Friends! Welcome to EverWonder Museum’s very first Technology Tuesday. Today we’re getting snappy with smartphone photography!

Smartphones and tablets are a great way to introduce kids to photography due to their ease of use (just point and click!) and because they’re simple for little hands to navigate. Photography is a wonderful way to give kids who are stuck at home a new way to explore their surroundings. To keep kids engaged, let’s try a photography scavenger hunt!

All you’ll need is a smartphone or tablet, and your sleuthing abilities. Check out our suggestions below!

​When you’re finished, come up with some cool titles for your photos then post them on social media. Tag EverWonder on your images, and use the hashtag #EWSTEAM. We’ll choose our favorites and publish them in a future blog post!

Smartphone Photography Tips & Tricks

  • When the subject has been chosen and the picture’s composition is clear, ask your kid to tap the screen on the object which they want the camera to focus on. This will sharpen the subject in the image.
  • The rule of thirds is a basic compositional guide that has been used by artists and photographers alike for many years. Simply have them view their scene as if a tic-tac-toe board was over it. Place the subject on one of the intersecting lines. Many smartphones come with a rule of thirds feature.
  • Fill the frame: If you have an interesting subject, don’t be afraid to fill the entire frame with it!
  • Window light is the most popular type of natural light. Knowing how to position your subject using window light can help create depth and dimensions with shadows.

Do you have any photography tips for little hands? Drop us a line and info@everwondermuseum.org.