Hi Friends! Ever Wonder how turn math into hands-on learning?

Let’s try using LEGO!

Check out the video below by Kidspot for a great guide to turning LEGO bricks into simple fractions.

Fractions Galore

Here are some LEGO Fraction Games for Kids designed by JDaniel4’s Mom. She includes instructions on how to build an awesome workspace to play on, with holders for the fraction cards and plenty of space to work out fractions. There are also alternative game options for continued play.



Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls created a great Lego Addition Mats Printable that makes adding with LEGO Bricks easy and fun! The Addition Mats are a fun option for introducing the concept of addition because kids can really see how addition works.

Lots More Lego Math!

We Are Teachers has gathered a list of 30 LEGO Math Ideas! Their list includes ideas for every skill level and teaches a variety of Math Concepts. We love this LEGO Clock Math Manipulative by Stir The Wonder.


What math concepts did you learn with LEGO bricks? Share your findings by tagging us on social media or emailing info@everwondermuseum.org and we might feature your hard work in a future blog post! If you’re enjoying EverWonder’s STEAM week blog, please consider making a donation to the museum today.