Force and Motion

Hi Friends! Today we will discover a new understanding of the pushes and pulls that operate in the world around you. We’ll explore using a variety of materials to experience how some forces create:


What are the properties of motion & force?

Force means using energy to do work. Pushing and Pulling are kinds of work. 

Motion is the change in position of an object because of a force.

Can you share an example of a push? A pull?

For today’s experiment, you will need:

  • A ramp (we used four 2×4 planks)

  • Four different surfaces (we used paper, aluminum foil, sandpaper, and carpet)

  • Tape (to adhese the surfaces to the ramp)

  • Toy cars (similar to Matchbox or Hot Wheels)


Look at the different surfaces you will test. Which one is the smoothest? Which one is the roughest? Can you feel any friction between your finger and the different surfaces?

Keeping friction in mind, which surface do you think will produce the fastest race time? Write down your hypothesis, or guess.

Now let’s see what happens!

What did you learn about forces in motion? Share your findings by tagging #EWSTEAM on social media, and we might feature your hard work in a future blog post!