Hi Friends! Welcome to EverWonder Museum’s very first Engineering Wednesday. Today, we’ll explore a fun and easy building project that’s oh so sweet!

We build marshmallow structures at one of our Extended Days at EverWonder where we provide after-school care during early dismissals. It was a home run with both the younger and older groups. The best part? It’s a two ingredient intro to engineering! All you need is:


Dry Spaghetti

If you don’t have these two ingredients handy, you can substitute either with:




A good way to begin is to create a pyramid with four marshmallows at the base, and one at the top. Make sure you’re poking the spaghetti deep into the marshmallow to provide a good grip.

How tall can you make your tower? How wide? Can you design your own dream house?

Here’s some inspiration to get you started:

When you’re finished, take a photo of your creation and post it to social media. Tag EverWonder on your images, using the hashtag #EWSTEAM. We’ll choose our favorites and publish them in a future blog post!

Do you have any ideas for future projects? Drop us a line and info@everwondermuseum.org.