Educational Programs:

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Activity Options- Pre-K through Grade 2

  • Dinosaur Digs

    • Take a closer look at dinosaur fossils and learn about where they came from. Dig like a real paleontologist and make your own fossil to bring home.

  • The Great Attraction: Magnets (Part 1)

    • Explore a variety of objects and learn what is magnetic, and what is not. Use magnets to move objects around and make magnet art to bring home.

  • Sounds Around Us

    • Sounds and vibrations are explored through a variety of objects and instruments. Make your own rain stick to bring home.

  • Aluminum Boats

    • Use aluminum to design your very own boat. Have fun exploring how much weight your boat can hold in water.

  • Fun Building

    • Learn what is involved in building a structure. Create a city with the buildings you designed.

  • Color Mixing

    • Explore mixing the primary colors to create many different colors. Be challenged to record the "formula" for some of your color creations.

Activity Options- Grades 3-5

  • Fun Flights

    • Have fun building and launching your very own flyers. Explore the factors that will determine how far they will go.

  • Owl Pellet Examinations

    • Dissect an owl pellet and explore what's inside. Learn about how owl pellets are formed.

  • Architecture Mystery

    • Work in teams to design and build a structure. Explore how you can use the materials to build within size requirements.

  • Newspaper Trees

    • Make a "tree" out of newspaper. Explore how tall your "tree" can "grow".

  • The Great Attraction: Magnets (Part 2)

    • Explore using magnets to make patterns. Use magnets to see how powerful they can be.

  • Force and Motion

    • Explore using a variety of materials to experience how some forces create movement: inertia, friction, potential and kinetic energy.

*We are continuously developing new lessons and programs. Please contact us for our current offerings.