Scout Trips:

Looking to book a field trip for your scouts? EverWonder is a great location for your next trip. Come visit the museum and work on completing your next badge, patch, or belt loop. Contact us for availability, program options and pricing.  Call or email: 203-364-4009,

Activity Options- Pre-K through Grade 2

  • Dinosaur Digs

    • Take a closer look at dinosaur fossils and learn about where they came from. Dig like a real paleontologist and make your own fossil to bring home.

  • The Great Attraction: Magnets (Part 1)

    • Explore a variety of objects and learn what is magnetic, and what is not. Use magnets to move objects around and make magnet art to bring home.

  • Sounds Around Us

    • Sounds and vibrations are explored through a variety of objects and instruments. Make your own rain stick to bring home.

  • Aluminum Boats

    • Use aluminum to design your very own boat. Have fun exploring how much weight your boat can hold in water.

  • Fun Building

    • Learn what is involved in building a structure. Create a city with the buildings you designed.

  • Color Mixing

    • Explore mixing the primary colors to create many different colors. Be challenged to record the "formula" for some of your color creations.

Activity Options- Grades 3-5

  • Fun Flights

    • Have fun building and launching your very own flyers. Explore the factors that will determine how far they will go.

  • Owl Pellet Examinations

    • Dissect an owl pellet and explore what's inside. Learn about how owl pellets are formed.

  • Architecture Mystery

    • Work in teams to design and build a structure. Explore how you can use the materials to build within size requirements.

  • Magnify This!

    • Students will be able to demonstrate proper usage of the Brock microscope. Take a closer look at your fingerprints, animal skins,  and much more!

  • The Great Attraction: Magnets (Part 2)

    • Explore using magnets to make patterns. Use magnets to see how powerful they can be.

  • Force and Motion

    • Explore using a variety of materials to experience how some forces create movement: inertia, friction, potential and kinetic energy.

*We are continuously developing new lessons and programs. Please contact us for our current offerings.