EverWonder Reviews

Great place for endless educational play!
— Anonymous
Great time. My toddler didn’t want to leave. All the exhibits were clearly thought out to develop skills and foster curiosity. Can’t wait to come back. Keep up the great work!
— Anonymous
This retired teacher learned a lot. Your under 5 year old hands on “stuff” is brilliantly done! I’m not so sure my husband will like my latest idea...I’d like to section off my kitchen so all of the “above the age of 5” will have a hands on area to help create meals! Thanks for being such a positive influence!!!
— Anonymous
Fun place to bring kids, they love it! Thanks for the Military Discount!!
— Jeffrey R.
Lovely, wonderful and happy learning experience for all of us: Grama, Mom and Dad, and the seven grandchildren. Fun things for each age.
— Robin W.
Brought my twin two year old girls and we had a great time. We stayed for over three hours.
— Anonymous
We spent at well over 2 hours with my 6-year old son and his 2 young friends visiting from Maryland. Need I say more?
— Frederick C.
Customer service & quality! Fun for mixed age group. I care for children infant to 10 years.
— Anonymous
Really worked with me to plan the party and pick a date and time. Wonderful with the kids and all staff was friendly.
— Anonymous
EverWonder deeply engages children of all ages. Cannot wait to come back.
— Suzy B.

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