Explore the beauty and wonder of science through hands-on experimentation.  Many of EverWonder's permanent exhibits were developed by the Sciencenter of Ithaca, New York, and the Rochester Museum & Science Center, Rochester, New York, with funding from the National Science Foundation. They include:

  • Theramin Sound Instrument
  • Windy Wonders
  • Three-Wheeled Racer Car Track
  • Tornado Tubes
  • Swinging Art Harmonograph
  • Swinging Pendulums

EverWonder also features the following exhibits and areas

  • Lego Table
  • iPad Table
  • Digital Media Lab
  • Digital Media Studio
  • Sensory Table
  • Dinosaur Dig
  • Animals
    Visit: Einstein and Mrs. Newton (bearded dragons), Cassini (ball python), Armstrong (goldfish), and Venus and Jupiter (albino African clawed frogs).
  • Flight Lab
  • Young Explorer Zone (Reading/Math Room, Nature Room, Kitchen Room, Build a City Room, Light Table, Velcro Wall, Sand Table, Toddler Climber/Slide)
  • Tinker Stations (containing rotating activities such as: electronics to take apart, circuit building, construction materials, and mind puzzles)
  • Imagination Playground Building Room
  • Ramp and Track Building Room
  • Magnet Wall
  • Yellow Art Lab (the Art Lab activities change every month, click here for the activity calendar)
  • Blue Science Lab: Rotating activities every month, click here for the activity calendar