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Art Labs: Paper Daffodil Bouquets and Bumblebee Stripes

  • EverWonder Children's Museum 31 Pecks Lane Newtown, CT, 06470 United States (map)

Introducing EverWonder's newest Art Labs: Paper Daffodil Bouquets and Bumblebee Stripes...

EverWonder is in bloom.png

In Paper Daffodil Bouquet, our young scientists will use paper, cupcake liners, and Popsicle sticks to create paper daffodils. Our scientists will learn about floral parts and structure while constructing their bouquets.

In Bumblebee Stripes, our young scientists will assemble bumblebees by gluing alternate black and yellow colored stripes onto a bee pattern. Our young scientists will count how many stripes there are, and then write that number on the wings. Our young scientists will work on their counting and addition skills while constructing their bees.

Fun Fact: In Western culture, the practice of assigning symbolic meanings to flowers is known as floriography. Daffodils symbolize rebirth and new beginnings. The scientific name for daffodil is narcissus.